Nur-Sultan, 12/1 Kunayev str., VP 16 (map)

Construction and installation of scb devices (signaling, centralization, blocking)


  • installation of fiber-optical communication lines; 
  • installation of data transmission systems;
  • installation of mobile and fixed radio systems;
  • installation of CCTV and public address systems.


  • construction and rehabilitation of relay and microprocessor railway automation and telemechanics systems (route-relay interlocking, CBI, automatic block signal system, cab signalling);
  • installation of centralized traffic control systems (EBILock-950, Neman); 
  • installation of train collision avoidance systems;
  • KTSM, KGU, UKSPS control systems, bridge signalling systems.

Power supply

  • installation of 10kV and 0.4kV overhead power supply lines;
  • construction of 10kV/0.4kV transformer substations;
  • construction of feed centers for automatic block signalling and longitudinal power supply systems;
  • construction and rehabilitation of catenary system;
  • construction of 25kV autotransformer substations for electrified railway lines;
  • installation of 0.4kV and 10kV cable lines;
  • installation of automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption;
  • telemetry of power supply devices.
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