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Wednesday, 15 April 2020 07:38

In 2020, steel main tracks of 416 km to be rehabilitated all over Kazakhstan

416 kilometers of steel main tracks will be rehabilitated in 2020.

The first activities were started on April 6 at Dostyk – Aktogay section.
Considering the plan of 23.8 kilometers, 3.5 kilometers have been rehabilitated at this moment.

From April 13, the rehabilitation started in the west part of the country as well – at Kandyagash – Sagiz section.

At each facility, up to 80 workers and 30 machine servicers have been involved.

The repair trains, cranes, railway diesel-driven platforms and universal removable equipment, heavy-duty track machines and other machinery are used.

Contractors involved are Integra Construction KZ LLP and Temirzhol zhondeu LLP.

“Works are being carried out under routine operation, without any delays. All safety measures taken within coronavirus disease control are considered.”- stated Berik Akhanov, Head of Track Rehabilitation Department of Track and Structures of NC KTZh JSC Branch – Directorate of Mainline Network.


Photo: InConKZ

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