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Railroad station


The stub-ended passenger yard is as follows:

  • - ballastless track superstructure;
  • - sleepers are represented by concrete bearing blocks for rail fastenings SKL-14 as per Technical Regulations PP RK No.277 dated 21.03.2008, Technical Regulations PP RK No.1202 dated 17.11.2010 and ST RK 937-92 Prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures and products. General specifications;
  • - continuously welded rails type R-65-Т1 as per ST RK GOST R 51685-2005 Railroad rails. General specifications, upon the client’s request;
  • - railroad switches type R-65 М1/11, М1/9;
  • - scissors crossings R-65 М2/9 between tracks 2-3 and 4-5 at the exit of the overpass for movement of arriving locomotives;
  • - pneumatic buffer stops for stopping of passenger trains at the speed of 10 km/h, manufactured by A.RAWIE GmbH&Co. KG, Germany.

The future stub-ended passenger yard of new Astana railway station is located on the overpass. The passenger yard will be used for Talgo and TVZ passenger trains and local electrical trains.

As required by regulations TsD-858 “Rules and standards for design of stations and hubs for 1520mm railway gauge”, six siding tracks are designed for passing of 41 passenger train-pairs in the stub-ended passenger yard of Astana railway station as follows: tracks No.1, 2, 3 and 6 are for Talgo coaches and tracks No.4, 5 are for TVZ and local electrical trains.
The useful length of the siding tracks will be 600m according to the length of the passenger platform (the train total length with the locomotive), as stated in the letter of Passazhirskiye Perevozki JSC, Ref.No.TsLPTinvest 18-4/2952-i dated 30.06.2014 (see Volume 9).

Pneumatic buffer stops will be used at the stub-ended passenger yard for stopping of passenger trains at the speed of 10 km/h, manufactured by A.RAWIE GmbH&Co. KG, Germany.


The overpass is made of three parallel superstructures. Continuous steel superstructures are designed for railway load C-14.

The overpass’s length is L=2,551 m, width B=16.5 m, area A=44,185 m2.

  1. Superstructure. The steel overpass is made of three parallel superstructures ending at the building of the railway station. The overpass includes two curved tracks and switches near the station. The factory connections include welded combined joints, welded joints and high strength bolts M22.
  2. The rail tracks are installed upon the ballast laid into a ballast tank. For safety purposes, the superstructure is equipped by barrier railings. The height of the railings is 1.4m.
    It is allowed not to slit the side seams in longitudinal ribs and beam walls, if the ribs are installed by a template. Slits should be made in transverse bars of average and orthotropic plates.

Intermediate supports are monolithic, customized, rack-mounted, on piling foundation. The supports include monolithic grillage, support posts and crossbeams.
Monolithic grillages are of two types: for single-row and double-row arrangement of piles; their average sizes are 16.6х2.2 м and 16.6х4.5 m, height is 2 m.

The piles are in the shape of vertical bored poles with the diameter of d=1.5 m made of В22,5 F200 W6 class high weight concrete on the sulphate-resistant portland cement. The length and the number of bored poles is defined by way of calculation on the assumption of the geologic structure of the site and constructive peculiarities of separate supports. The main reinforcement of the posts frames is made of AIII class periodic profile. The number of main bars in the frame is 20 pcs. and 23 pcs. with the diameter d=22 mm and d=25 mm dependent on the effective length. The crowns of the piles are jointed with monolithic grillage by way of the outlets in the bored poles.

The monolithic grillage is made out of В25 F200 W6 high weight concrete on sulphate-resistant cement. The grillage is reinforced with space frames, located along the grillage subject to the protective coating. The fittings of the grillage are of AIII class periodic profile. The diameter of the main reinforcement for the grillage with single-row pile configuration assumed as d=28 mm, for the grillage with double –row pile configuration admitted as d=25 мм. When reinforcing the grillage, it is equipped with outlets for racks frames. The lateral surfaces of the grillage, which contact with the ground, shall be double coated with a hot bitumen along the bitumen priming.

The racks of the interior support are monolithic with oval outline of cross-section with the spherical radius of 750 mm, manufactured in the metallic inventory formwork. The height of the support racks is determined on the assumption of the bridge clearance and the construction of superstructure. The concrete of the racks shall be В30 F200 W6 class high weight concrete on sulphate-resistant portland cement. The reinforcement cage of the rack is jointed with the help of connection bars, coming out of the foundation frame. The reinforcement is assumed to be out of AIII class periodic profile reinforcement. The racks are jointed with the reinforced concrete cross-beam from above.

The pier caps are made of high weight В30 F200 W6 concrete. The transom and stands are represented in the form of a frame. The transom is made with a curved outline of the lower belt with two consoles near the rims. The reinforcement is assumed to be made out of AIII class deformed reinforcement. The diameter of principal reinforcement for pier cap is taken as d=32 мм.

The bridge pads of high weight В30 F200 W6 concrete are erected to rest the beams upon the support. The bridge pads are reinforces with flat horizontal wire cloth of AIII class periodic profile.

The requirements for the materials of the supports are set forth in the relevant drawings. The grade of concrete for support elements in terms of durability, frost-resistance and waterproofing is in accordance with the requirements of the construction norms and specifications for definite natural climatic conditions of Astana and the functions of the constructions.

The group of metal cutless bridge superstructures is designed for S-14 railway loads.  Metal cutless bridge superstructures are divided into blocks in the scheme.
When factory manufacturing, including the front surface of orthotropic plates, the constructions are covered with one layer of 40 micron thick TSINEP primer and one layer of epoxy enamel with 100 micron thick IZOLEP-mio iron mica (total thickness of factory coating shall be 140 micron). The areas of friction joints’ contact surfaces are covered by 80 micron thick TSVES primer. The surfaces of construction welds are not primed at the factory for 100mm from the side weld to both directions. After installing of the structural steel, paint with one layer of 60 micron thick POLITON-UR (UF). The total thickness of anti-corrosion finish shall be 200 micron. The durability of the coverage is at least 20 years.

A Basf Elastocoat C 6335/101/7024/m8 insulation is applied upon the anticorrosive coat on the upper surface of the floor plate and internal surface of the ballast tank.

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