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Sunday, 30 December 2018 10:57

Second Start-Up Facilities of the Second Railway Track of the Almaty-1 – Shu Line Were Put into Operation

Two motorway over-bridges at Sections Kazybek Bek St. and Kopa St. – Zhiren-Aygyr St. haul, being the key working area in 2018, were put into operation. The facilities relieved railway crossings, freeing jams of traffic and providing safe and fast passing of motor vehicles through the railway tracks.
It will be recalled that in 2017 the Company workers build a motorway over-bridge at Chemolgan St. – Aksengir St. haul. 
Moreover, in 2018 at Anrakhay – Almaty-1 Section erection and rehabilitation of overhead system of hauls and stations at length over 110 km was completed, 14 autotransformer points of overhead supply were built, and remote control equipment of power supply installations were erected at 14 facilities and a set of additional equipment at Kazybek Bek traction substation was installed.
Also three single-phase pole-mounted transformer substations of 10kVA/10kV/0.23kV and three substations of a kind MTPZh-10/27,5/0, 23kV for power supply of KTSM at Anrakhay-Almaty-1 Section were built. 
All facilities were implemented in accordance with approved design and estimate documentation and requirements of government regulations in the area of architecture, urban planning and construction, and accepted for operation with signature of relevant acceptance certificate. 
Completion of all construction and installation activities at second track section of the Almaty-1 - Shu railway line allowed elimination of narrow places in operation of trains, improvement of safety and efficiency of traffic at one of the busiest railway lines of the country, increasing its traffic capacity and speed, not only for internal, but also for through transportation.
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