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Monday, 05 January 2015 07:35

Fruitful year

One more challenging year is behind Zhol Zhondeushi Company LLP. As befits, conclusions are drawn and plans for the future are defined at the last moment of the expiring year. The Director General of the company Yerzhan Artykbekov marks that tasks given to the team in the beginning of the year on full repair of the track, construction of railway tracks, transport infrastructure of the Inland port in SEZ and new railway station complex f the capital were performed in full. During the year 187 km of railway lines of the republic were fully repaired by efforts of the company. The activities were made in parallel with construction of new mainlines. Both existing and newly created branches of the company participated in the repairing works. In particular, Beineu Directorate on track repair (DTR-3 Beineu) created by means of incorporation of potential of two track maintenance trains and two production facilities repaired 43 km of track on sections Kenbay-Zhamansor and Baiterek-Bekbuke-RZD 472-Makat. Kyzylorda DTR-1 took part in full repair of 49.8 km of track on sections Jalagash-Teren-Uzyak and Kontu-Aral Sea and in construction of the track Zhezkazgan-Saksaulskaya. Pavlodar DTR-4 was the first among all the subdivisions who fulfilled the action plan on repairing the track on the 34-kilometer section of Shiderty station – OP 116 and made its significant contribution to construction of new mainlines. Almaty DTR-7 performed full repair of 65 km of the road on the section Zhalanashkol – Koikaytkan – Maitobe. As the Deputy Director General marks of the Company Sat Bekmukhanbetov, it is very complex section with mountain uneven terrain where curve railway tracks with radius of 200-300 m. give the constructors bothers upon its arrangement. Besides perfomed repairing works on hundreds of kilometers of steel trunk of the country, Zhol Zhondeushi Company in the expiring year put into temporary operation railway tracks Zhezkazgan – Saksaulskaya and Arkalyk – Shubarkol. As Yerzhan Artykbekov marks, the company is managing activities on two constructions according to plan. – “The customer – Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NC JSC has no remarks on the terms of performance of design works. All the volumes which were allowed for on the construction of railway tracks in the current have been performed. The last measurement of track measurement car on the section of the railway track Arkalyk – Shubarkol showed the average score of 33 units. Condition of approximately 60% of track along the entire new track is perfect.

If the mainline Arkalyk – Shubarkol is already ready in full, then by June 1 of the next year we will finally complete activities on track ballasting up to the design mark of the track Zhezkazgan – Saksaulskaya”. The traffic on railway tracks put into temporary operation Zhezkazgan – Beineu and Arkalyk – Shubarkol launched by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev on August 22 became indeed one of the most important events of the expiring year of 2014 not only for the Company, but for the country as a whole. Due to this grand construction the company refilled its work experience and multiplied existing skills. – “We erected engineering constructions by our own efforts, purchased new equipment, including the same of Austrian and Chinese production, as well as used in our work up-to-date technologies. Among them computer management of machinery and mechanisms of the first European class which altogether brought us more in line with international standards. Our professionals have been working on these new complexes”, - Yerzhan Artykbekov says. Upon construction of railway track Zhezkazgan – Saksaulskaya the company created Construction and installation troop (CIT) ensured the company to erect pipes with length of up to 30 meters by our own efforts without attraction of third-party companies. These activities to be sure may be compared with bridge construction according to the complexity of erection. Today, CIT performs all the protective works on pipes and manmade constrictions on passages which was a big training wheel for the company. In his turn, the Deputy Director General Sat Bekmukhanbetov mentioned that circumstances developed during the construction of roads allowed to elicit all the existing potential of the company: “We are constructors, but the conditions made us become trafficmen and even communication operators.

Being the leader on these two constructions we found out of TETRA radio communications standard and may other things which we did not deal with before. We had to learn everything by ourselves”. Besides the challenges constructors overwhelmingly gave themselves up to the work on new projects. Appreciating all the burden of circumstances connected with climatic and natural conditions of the locality, remoteness of the construction sections from inhabited localities, multi-shift work mode, the company governance did best in order to simplify the workers’ labor and complete the scope on the project in due time. It is noteworthy that domestic company makes its contributions to preparation of future generation of railway professionals. Last year constructors trained practically 25 students of Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication named after M. Tynyshpayev on the complex section Zhezkazgan – Saksaulskaya. The students gained precious work experience upon the track erection. Being rightly the railway leader on construction of new mainlines, Zhol Zhondeushi Company participated almost in all the large projects. However lately new requirements are imposed and it is necessary to adapt very promptly in the conditions of market competitiveness. The company transformed its business having expanded its structures and having made significant step forward. Last year Zhol Zhondeushi Company initiated construction of the Inland port on Khorgos – Eastern gateway SEZ area, new railway station complex in Astana and in the field earlier inexperienced for them – motor road construction. All of these is connected with conception of the Company governance of necessity to master other business environments without isolation themselves in repair and construction of railways. The decision of creation of relevant structures on the basis of the company was taken. Thus, last year Department on construction of railway station complex, Directorate of infrastructural projects and Alatau branch were created in Zhol Zhondeushi. Adhering to the principle to conform to time spirit, the company is taking active participation in the project of motor road development in our country.

Activities on reconstruction of Almaty – Kapshagay highway, Center – South motor corridor have already been commenced. For this end up-to-date specialized equipment was acquired.
It is expected that construction of the highway will be completed in 2016. The other current project of Zhol Zhondeushi is construction of new railway station in Astana which was commenced in the spring of 2014. The partnership assumed obligations on reconstructions of existing engineering tracks and utility systems, reconstruction of earthworks, construction of super construction of rail ways, elevated structures, manmade constructions, objects of power supply, transport facilities and communications, external water supply, canalization, heating supply facilities and constructions, overhead systems, noise screen on the elevated structures, construction of complex of production and technical buildings and structures which as a whole will align transport infrastructure of the new railway station and will provide with stable transport traffic by the commencement of EXPO-2017 exhibition. By the moment of putting of railway station complex into operation the operation of three tracks of elevated structure will be provided. The company also makes its contributions to international projects. Kazakhstan also participates in these projects. As is well-known Khorgos – Eastern gateway SEZ will play big role in formation of transport and logistics systems of the republic. In the expiring year the Kazakh leader launched erection of the Inland port – terminal for freight transportation on the internal directions with motor road and railway approaching roads.

Implementation of the project will increase attractiveness of overland route through the territory of Kazakhstan as affordable and alternative transit corridor East – West. Zhol Zhondeushi Company makes 100% works on track superstructure in the SEZ project. – “We are expected to build 25 kilometers of railway tracks, as well as viaduct through the highway Western Europe – Western China. Objects under construction are divided into III stages, the first one was completed by the company on November 25. By summer of 2015 we are planning to fulfill in full our part of works on the project. As you can appreciate, this and other projects, including Zhezkazgan – Saksaulskaya line, are passing objects, the completion thereof is planned in 2015, construction of the motor road Almaty – Kapshagay – in 2016. Taken as a whole, besides these projects, the company is in parallel engaged in annual full repair and construction of railway station complex in Astana, commissioning of the same is planned for the year of 2017”, - Yerzhan Artykbayev explains. – “One of the main advantages of our company always was out large team which as always was working successfully and meticulously this year. Everybody were working selflessly, most of them took the most active participation in construction of two new railway tracks. I express my great gratitude to all our professionals in the name of the company governance. Our professionals and specialists are able to work effectively over fulfillment the most complicated tasks” – Sat Bekmukhanbetov says.

Participating in construction of such so much important republican and international projects as railway tracks, Inland port, highways, new railway station of the most modern capital of the world, Zhol Zhondeushi Company has no less important issues for the future. There is nothing to do but to wish the company success in undertakings, fruitful work and fortunate fulfillment of the tasks set.

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