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Complete, medium and medium intensified overhaul of railway track

Complete, medium and medium intensified overhaul of railway track:

  • - rails and sleepers assembling (all types of fastenings) at own link assembly facilities;
  • - wayside cutting and main roadbed lay-out with the help of motor grader and bulldozers;
  • - fouled ballast cleaning;
  • - removal of previous year assembled rails and sleepers (in case of complete overhaul);
  • - assembled rails and sleepers laying (in accordance with the detailed design);
  • - new crushed-stone ballasting (bedding of line) in accordance with the detailed design with the help of own hopper cars;
  • - track leveling with the help of hydraulic and lever-type devices and multifunctional hydraulic track liner (RGU);
  • - track surfacing and laying onto a crushed-stone ballast with the help of own electric ballasting machine ELB-3; primary tampering and lining by VPO-3000 machine (track maintainer) and by hand with the help of electric vibration tamping machine in the places of hindrances and engineering structures; the follow-up work to be performed with the help of DGS complex, Duomatik, PBR ballast leveling machine;
  • - finishing works;
  • - inventory rails replacement by continuously welded rail, provided by the Employer (in case of complete overhaul);
  • - crossing covering laying;
  • - cleaning of surface ditches;
  • - track signs painting and installing;
  • - ballast section finishing, including intertrack layout;
  • - installing wooden sleeper pedestals for rail stocks, main pegs and countdown markers.
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